Project Life…Week Two

There are a few things I am obsessed with right now. Bullet journaling, a primal diet, my Organize Now book, my Flylady control journal…and Project Life. I always tried to get in to the whole scrapbooking thing when my boys were little, but I got overwhelmed. I just didn’t have it in me to be that crafty and creative. Project Life was totally made for me!

It is SO easy to do Project Life. Here is the website: Here is a graphic from her website that explains what you need…


I love how most people do one page spread a week. You can add extra if you want, of course. I just wanted to do a better job of documenting our regular day to day life. I am doing a great challenge that prompts you to take more pictures, giving you one themed picture to take every day of the month, and I am using these on one side of my weekly spread.

I am also taking weekly screenshots of the weather, filling out a “currently” card each week, and filling out a weekly activity summary card.

I can’t believe how much fun i am having doing this, and I don’t feel intimidated by it…I actually look forward to it! I am having a great time with stamps, washi tape, and all of the cards and embellishments that come with the Project Life kits I have purchased.

Try it! You might like it.



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