What’s Cooking Wednesday…on Saturday…1/25/14

Wednesday is kitchen day in my house. Monday is bathroom day, Tuesday is bedrooms day, Wednesday is kitchen day, Thursday is floors and dusting day, Friday is errands day, Saturday is outside day, and Sunday is desk day.

Every Wednesday I clean my kitchen, clean out my pantries, fridge and freezer, do an inventory, check the sales, and plan my menus for the week.

I am diabetic, and try to eat a mostly primal diet. I just feel better. This means that my meals consist of meat and vegetables. I buy most of my staples at Aldi, because I am cheap, and fill in with what is on sale at Publix and Bi-lo.

My husband is home from Saudi Arabia this week. When he is home I try to make as much of his favorite things as possible, really heavy on the pork products, which he really misses! We spent the first week of his leave on vacation, so the cupboards were bare! This week the meat on sale is London Broil, tilapia, and chicken breasts. Adding that to my freezer stash, I came up with my preliminary menu.

Here are links to the recipes…

Pulled Pork from Southern Plate…

KFC Copycat Coleslaw

Arkansas Green Beans from Nancy Creative…

Candied Apples

Coconut Cake

Man Pleasing Chicken Thighs

Chicken Stew

London Broil..

…and pumpkin muffins from Southern Plate…


Have a good week!



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