Rapid Weight Loss Diet

I said last week that I was starting a Whole30 challenge. I lied.

I looked at the pictures from two weeks ago in Puerto Rico of me in a bathing suit. Wow. What the heck happened?? Why am I seeing way too much of those 35 pounds I lost last summer?

Last July my husband started on a two years, give or take a few years, assignment in Saudi Arabia, and I started falling off the wagon. I got depressed about only getting to see my husband every three or four months, and then around the holidays I got even sadder, and I was comfort eating. And some of the weight came back on.

Spring break is in 67 days. I need to do some work before I have to put a bathing suit on again. I am still down 25 pounds, but I gained back 10. So I am back on the program I know works, I rejoined the gym, and hopefully I will have the willpower to stay on track!

Last year life as I have always known it came to a screeching halt. I found out that I am diabetic. My grandmother was diabetic, and my mother is diabetic, so I should have done a better job of taking care of myself and watching my weight, but I always thought that I had more time.

My doctor offered to refer me to the bariatric practice affiliated with his hospital, and at first I said no, but then I decided that I might do better with some accountability. I had to wait for a couple of weeks before my initial appointment, and in the meantime I started checking my blood sugars and taking oral medications for my diabetes. I had started watching what I ate back in May 2013, see this post, and had started a Whole30 challenge. I modified it a little bit, cutting out fruit and starchy vegetables, and managed to lose 10 pounds before my first appointment.

I started losing weight on June 1st, and as of June 28 had dropped 24 pounds! Not to mention the fact that my blood sugars were within normal limits.

I started at the bariatric clinic in the middle of the month. I was put on a diet medication and started getting weekly lipotropic injections. For the first four days, I only ate protein…meat, eggs and cheese. After that, I added 20 grams of carbohydrates a day from green vegetables. I was allowed 1000 calories a day, and I drank 64-80 ounces of water a day.

Here is what you eat:


Oils (Olive Oil, Flaxseed oil, etc.)

Heavy Cream

Green beans
Collard, turnip or mustard greens

Crystal Light
An occasional Diet Dr. Pepper

Celery, sliced peppers, cucumber
Dill pickles
Sugar-free jello
Boiled eggs
Pepperoni slices
Pork rinds

The best thing I have did was make a diet routine, where I ate pretty much the same thing every day.

2 eggs
Bacon or sausage

Salad (lettuce, cucumber, peppers, radish)
Meat or fish
Low carb dressing

Meat or fish

Some tips:
1. Every night I fill up two 34 ounce water bottles and put them in the fridge for the next day. Crystal Light mix or Dasani drops in your water makes it easier to drink!
2. I try to keep cooked bacon, sausage, cooked chicken legs, cut up veggies, salad, and boiled eggs in bags in the fridge.
3. I keep a bowl of sugar-free jello and a can of whipped cream in the fridge for when I just have to have something sweet.
4. I make a “frappucino” with coffee, heavy cream, ice and DiVinci sugar-free syrup for an occasional treat that makes me feel like I am being bad, but only has about 4 carbs.
5. I keep a lunch bag with pork rinds, nuts, Slim Jims, jerky, and dill pickle packs in the car for moments of desperation.
6. I downloaded an app for my iPad called Paleo Go-Go that lists what meals are acceptable at almost any fast food and chain restaurant.

Essentially, I am eating a primal diet, I am just not eating any fruit or starchy vegetables. And I know that primal/paleo diet purists would be against my use of sucralose and dairy, but for now it is working for me. Once I get my blood sugar and weight under control, I can add more carbohydrates to my diet. For now, my diet is working for me! I am absolutely amazed at how great I feel! I have obviously been diabetic for a while, and didn’t realize it. I am hoping that once I get some more of this weight off I will be able to come off of my medications for diabetes and hypertension.

I installed an awesome ticker that tracks my weight loss:


Here are some great links about low carb, ketogenic and primal diets…

The Whole 30 Challenge
Mark’s Daily Apple
The Basic Ketogenic Diet



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